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A New Way Of Producing

Posted on August 11 2021

Hello Humanos! I am going to try to make it more of a regular thing in posting blogs because I am a lover of writing and I also enjoy sharing all the behind the scenes with you all. So let's begin with todays topic!

For about a year now we have been hard at work trying to produce designs in new and creative ways for our brand. WASI, as you may know by now, has always been a very conscious and environmentally friendly brand that works hard to be as sustainable as we can be. 

Our newest Fall/Winter collection does just that. Since the inception of this brand we have used recycled fabric, produced with deadstock yardage. This method of designing means we have very limited stock when we create a new design. For example: We recently designed a jumpsuit with a beautiful headstock fabric that was actually left over yardage from Staud Clothing's older collections. But we could only produce such little quantities and only a select few were able to snag these beautiful jumpsuits. But we found an alternative! 

We will be introducing, for the first time here at WASI, our own original prints. We are excited to share that we are finally producing our own fabrics and will be doing it sustainably. This process took about a year to develop and we will be introducing 3 new prints in our shop. It was very important for us to be able to produce everything in low quantities because we stray away from overproducing. We are also using organic 100% cotton and everything is made in the USA. The printing method is also very environmentally friendly, with zero water waste, no harmful chemicals, zero air pollution and more. Taking this monumental step for our brand meant we still had to find a way to produce our own original prints while still be conscious and aware of the environment and we found a partner to be able to do that. 

Our Collection drops in October but we will be releasing a visual presentation of our collection beforehand so people can start jotting down their wishlists. Tune in every week for new fun facts, hints and announcements about this new collection! 


Vanessa, Mama of WASI



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