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El Cosmico Travel Guide

Posted on September 01 2021

Vanessa here, coming at you with some clues for our new collection once again. We are just weeks away from our shoot and video campaign, so in this installment of our series, we are talking about the theme and concept for our shoot. 

I had a lot of things circling around my brain when trying to narrow down the concept. We always try to come up with a story, so you the viewer can enjoy a sort of experience. We like to create a world for you to escape into. And this collection, was no exception. We were inspired by vintage touches, the 70s, heightened consciousness and so much more. So for this collection we have decided to take a retro futurism vibe and we cannot wait to bring it to life in a surreal and otherworldly way. 

I'm currently in a mental place where I am constantly wanting to travel, I've always been that way. But with Covid, I often get anxious about traveling, so sometimes, and for most of us lately, you just got to mentally escape instead of physically escaping. I think lots of other folks feel this way, we are all simultaneously trying to travel responsibly, and if not we're escaping reality by entering some sort of dream state. So let's put you in this world we're going to create. You and your best bud are traveling to an otherworldly place! We wanted to feed that wanderlust feels you've been having but with a sci-fi surreal feel. So back to our story, you and your bud are roadtripping on another planet, having fun and getting familiar with space travel. Is it real or is it a dream? It's vintage retro vibes meets Futuristic Sci-Fi Space-scapes. All of this can be tied together with the playlist I've created. And you all know by now, I create playlists for everything, so lets get to listening. 

This playlist is a mix of good feel travel/roadtrip tunes, but also mixed in with retro futurism music, and Sci-Fi feels. Close your eyes and imagine a place far far away with this playlist. It was intended to be a vessel of escapism so dream away. Imagine another planet, imagine another parallel universe, imagine another timeline, ANOTHER VARIANT(for the marvel fans)! If you like Mac Demarco and driving down a road with your friends and making memories, this playlist is for you. If you like soothing sounds to help you emerge into a heightened state of consciousness, this is the playlist for you. We've mixed it up with a balance of 70s classics, what some people may call Jazztronica and indie surfer tunes. A little bit of everything. 

While we prepare for our big video/photo shoot, take a listen to our "El Cosmic Travel Guide" playlist on Spotify. Click the link below. 

El Cosmico Travel Guide Playlist

Until next time.

Con mucho amor,




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