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Wasi Clothing is a Bolivian-American small business based in Los Angeles, California. Every part of WASI is intentional and everything is made with a lot of love by a small team based in Los Angeles. The goal is to be a brand that is ethical, sustainable, inclusive, and diverse. 

Wasi was launched in May of 2018 and the brand name holds a deeper meaning with founder and owner, Vanessa Acosta. WASI is a Quechuan word that means "Home", it is one of the last words her late grandfather translated for her before he left this world. Her grandparents are the last Quechuan speaking members of her familia and the intention is to always honor our ancestors, they are the ones that guide us. The goal is to ultimately continue to build a clothing business that feels like home for so many who shop Wasi. It is a place where folks can shop and feel empowered with sacred and intentional clothing that helps the community.