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A Dream Boliviana Collab

Posted on August 18 2021

Founder here! Back for a second week of blog posting. Every week we will be releasing new details about our upcoming Fall/Winter collection because it's a monumental collection and I am personally very excited about this one. So today's teaser is introducing our newest collaborative business partner! 

I'd like to introduce you all to, Michelle of Santiago Ceramica. Another amazing Bolivian-American woman run business. She's a talented gal living in Los Angeles who creates amazing ceramics. We met through social media and after seeing her work, I was immediately enamored by the art she creates. So I pitched a proposal that we should collaborate because we are all about communidad here at WASI! Michelle was immediately open to the idea and we quicky got to brainstorming. The current collection has multiple new art designs, so we took inspiration from the collection to create an interpretation of that in ceramic forms. Below you can see some of Michelle's work for her own business, you can see why I was instantly obsessed with her work! 

I sat down with Michelle and we chatted about our art and she has been doing pottery for a good couple of years now and is part of a supportive ceramicist/pottery making community. It's all about collaboration and not competition within these pockets of the art world. And I could not be more happy to be partnering up with another Bolivian-American artist to bring a variety of home products to life in our shop this fall. Being Bolivian and building up our small community has always been important for me, so this was a match made in design heaven if you ask me.

In the meantime, I highly suggest you follow @santiagoceramica and check out her amazing products. Check in next month as we share our entire Fall/Winter Collection!
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